Last week, baby season officially returned to TreeHouse.  We have all been a little surprised by how far into the season we went without admitting any babies, especially given the mild winter and the strong wind storms of a few weeks ago.  Of course it’s always best for the animals when parents raise their own young, so we had our fingers crossed for a light baby season, and so far that’s what it has been.  We have, however, now received several orphaned baby squirrels, including a young fox squirrel that got stuck in pine sap when its tree was cut down and a gray squirrel so young it still had a piece of umbilical cord attached to it.

This fox squirrel is at my favorite squirrel age–about 5 to 6 weeks old.  Squirrels first open their eyes at about 4 weeks, and for the first few weeks after opening their eyes they are absolutely delightful.  They are inquisitive and playful and perfectly sweet.  They are easy to feed–although they are still hand-fed formula, many of them will practically feed themselves.  They are also incredibly cute.  Unfortunately, this age really is the peak of squirrel delightfulness.  Soon he will be weaned, and then he will start biting, and we won’t be friends anymore.  But that’s really for the best.  We don’t want the grown-up orphans we release to be overly comfortable with humans.  They are wild animals, and we don’t forget that.