The bobcat’s condition is continuing to improve.  She has now moved into the exercise room, so she has a lot more space to move around, and she seems to be taking advantage of it.  Bobcats are crepuscular, meaning that they are most active during the dawn and dusk hours, so during the day she spends most of her time resting either inside or on top of her den box.  Still, we can tell that she is much more active when no one is around–she knocks things over and drags her food all over the floor of the exercise room.  She’s also been eating well.  We’re feeding her mice and a variety of types of meat.  At the moment she has a leg of deer that she’s been chewing on–we sometimes get fresh roadkill to feed out to our animals.  I imagine the deer meat must be a real treat for her.  Bobcats will occasionally take down deer in the wild, but it is rare for them to go after such large prey.

We are hoping to be able to move her outside next week.  In the outdoor cage she will have even more space to move around and she will have the chance to climb and leap onto different platforms and shelves.  This will give us the opportunity to better assess her condition and determine the outlook for her release back into the wild.  First, though, we have to finish building the cage!  It was originally intended for Tigger, but although he passed away just a few days before we admitted this bobcat into TreeHouse, we are still rushing to complete the cage so that we can use it for her rehab.