The bobcat that was hit by a car in Belleville last week seems to be well on the path to recovery.  She’s been increasingly wild and aggressive, which we take as a very good sign.  We’ve been hanging towels over half of her cage so that she has a dark place to retreat into during the day, and she’s taken to pulling the towels inside the cage every time we put them up.  Every time we have to change her bedding, she presses herself into the corner with a degree of strength that’s fairly astonishing for an animal of her size, and she snarls and lunges at us so that moving her to the other side of the cage has become quite an ordeal.  Often when someone goes into the room where her cage is, she will begin growling and settle back on her haunches as though she is preparing to pounce.

At this point, we are optimistic about her prospects of re-release into the wild.  As far as we can tell in the relatively limited space she is currently confined to, her vision seems fine, although we will be able to tell more once she moves to a large outdoor cage.  With brain trauma, there is also the chance of other neurological problems–such as seizures or loss of motor function–becoming apparent after a delay.  So, we certainly need to keep her under observation awhile longer before we can make any definitive decisions.