We are now about three weeks into Einstein’s training.  It’s still going well, but I do get the impression that he’s getting bored with doing the same thing day after day.  There’s a certain perch that we make him go to before we enter his cage each time, and he’s gotten to the point that he will fly onto that perch any time anyone is in the room his cage is attached to.  He always wants to play!  Still, when I’m actually working with him, there always comes a point when he hesitates and just looks at me, head cocked to the side, then he flutters to the ground and makes a charge at my feet.

Still, even when he does go back to his old tricks, it somehow doesn’t seem as aggressive as it used to.  I’m genuinely unsure of whether the change is more in his behavior or in my attitude toward him.  I still can’t get over how gently he will take a treat from my hand.  A few days ago when I was working with him, he was on his high perch reaching down to get a treat, and he started to lose his balance.  So, he simply stepped onto my wrist.  I had my sleeve pulled up, so he was on my bare skin, but he kept his talons outstretched rather than digging into my arm for stability, and after I lowered him to the ground he hopped off without leaving a mark.